Today was Monday… You know, the kind that you wish was over by the time you had your first cup of coffee. It’s that kind of day. I actually planned to make some pretty dish with loads of pretty veggies. But instead ended up with this:
This is just zucchini and lentils cooked in a can of tomatoes and some veggies. Add a little couscous and you have an ‘Monday’-meal. 
Since that wouldn’t make a nice recipe post I’ll just give you the recipe for a risotto I made last week. Think that looks better…. tasted better to 😛

What do you need (1 side)

  • 75 gr. of risottobeanrisotto1
  • 200 gr. of string beans
  • 125 gr. of chestnut mushrooms
  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • 500 ml of vegetable stock
  • garlic
  • chilli flakes

Cut the beans into about 0,5 cm wide pieces, slice the onion and mushrooms. Cut the garlic really smal.


Heat some butter in a pan and bake the garlic, chilli flakes and onion until soft. After that, add the risotto and beans. Normally you add the stock in small amounts and you add more when everything is absorbed. I really don’t have the patience for that so I just add everything in at once. If it’s not done yet you can add a bit more water. Since I added the veggies in as well it’s sort of a one-pot-risotto. Perfect for a weekday.


When the risotto is nearly done, heat up some butter in a frying pan and bake the mushrooms until soft and brown.


When the mushrooms are done and your risotto is finished. Mix the mushrooms in with the risotto and mix in some vegan parmesan if you want. Time to take out your bowl and head up to the sofa and enjoy the evening 😀