After discovering tofu last year my journey to being vegan has gotten a lot tastier. My first efforts on being vegetarian a few years ago didn’t really work out because I didn’t have a clue about protein. I limited myself to the ‘meat replacement’ section in the supermarket. Of course, Ii saw tofu and tempeh in that section, but I didn’t know what to do with it, so I usually left it there.

So when I took another try at turning vegetarian/vegan last year I started reading blogs for inspiration. And I often saw tofu and tempeh mentioned as a main ingredient. Over the last year I’ve been using tofu in a lot of shapes and sizes. But mostly in Asian dishes, like my Sticky-sweet tofu or Creamy Polenta with tofu and pepper. But I also made Tofu sticks and Scrambled eggs.

But frying tofu is getting a little boring, so I’m looking for ways to prepare tofu. So I fired up my trusty notebook and headed to my best source of new idea’s: Pinterest.

So here is some of the ways to prepare tofu that I found. Expect some of them to turn up on the blog in the future.

Smoked TOfu

By Chow Vegan


If you think you need a smoker for smoked tofu, think again when you use this recipe. You can either make this outside on the grill or inside in the oven. I think I might give both options a go. I still want to buy a small grill for my balcony anyway, but this seems like a good reason to get on. This recipe also reminds me I need a new bottle of liquid smoke again, mine is almost empty.

Honey Walnut Tofu Cream Cheese

by: Well plated 


Earlier this week, a friend of mine asked if I had some ideas on vegan lunch. She lives in Argentina and let’s just say I again realised how lucky I am to live in a country that offers a lot of options for vegans. But I agree with her, sometimes eating hummus is getting boring. Now I can switch with tempeh or vegan spreads, but they don’t really have a lot of them in Argentina. So when I ran into this recipe I had to think of her. Now I don’t know if they have tofu in Argentina. But this one seems amazing to try… That’s going on the list 😛

Wasabi “Mayo”

by: Tasty Kitchen


Now, I never like mayo when I was still eating animal products. But sometimes I would like it with the traditional Dutch ‘Frietje Speciaal’ (fries, mayo, ketchup and onions). This version has wasabi in it for an extra spicy flavour.

Steamed Tofu

By: Nasi Lemak Lover


Steamed tofu, now I don’t own a steamer or a rice cooker. But I have a veggie steamer, I’m sure I can use that to steam tofu. This is a very easy version with spring onion, shrimps and shallots. But I think this would work well with some green veggies, soy sauce and some noodles.


by: Back to her Roots


I made a chocolate dessert before without tofu, but this is actually a recipe I’m going to try. I love salted chocolate, for some reason the salt and sweetness of the chocolate works great together. To bad Silken Tofu is kinda hard to get, maybe I should try a health store in a bigger city soon.

This is just a small overview of what you can do with tofu except for putting it in a stir. Here are some of the other recipes I found: