Over the last few weeks I’ve been annoying myself with the way my blog works and feels. So as you can see I have made a few changes on the blog. Today will I will do a lot of changes, since I can’t do a lot of other things anyway because of the migraine that is still going on. This I can do between naps 😛

Stuff that will change at the ‘front’

  • New Theme
  • New Pages and categories (with matching headers)
  • No more tags

I’m hoping for a cleaner look, the old blog was nice, but I felt like it needed to change to match me more. I’m only going to use categories from now on and no more tags (for now). I know they will return at some point, but I’m still figuring out what tags I’m going to use. Since tags are useful if you actually want to be found. I might just go for the same tags as the categories.

I’m adding new categories because although most of my recipes are vegan, I still make non-vegan stuff every now and then. In the menu they have their own sub-menu now. I’m still  going though all of the posts to check if they are all vegan, so stuff might change a bit.

Stuff that will change at the background.

Up until now I’ve been using the blog as a recipe book as well. So if I had a recipe that I still needed to cook or bake or an article I wanted to write, I would make a draft and add a ‘tag’ (cooking/writing). But what happend was that I would lose stuff in the list of drafts. Last week I actually found a recipe that I cooked in november 2015!!!

So, I got Evernote and made notebooks where I’m going to keep everything for the blog. This way, all the drafts that are on the blog are actually done (I might have to add some text before posting).