June is closing in and with that the end of this project. I’m going to end this at the end of June, so that leaves me with two more updates after this. I posted this a little later then I normally would, but that’s because I knew I was going to finish some stuff right after the ‘normal’ posting date. And if I didn’t include those, I would feel like nothing happend this month, but it did, some things just took a little longer.

I’m a little surprised I didn’t finish some of the points at this point. But some of them just have to be done, like the raw food week. I just need to do it, instead of saying “i’ll do it at some point”, that was the whole reason for this project, doing things that I might not do in a normal situation.

So, this weekend I’m going to set up a menu and just do it! Just like the training. Because the friend I’m going with has broken his food he wasn’t able to go and with everything that was going on it sort of didn’t happen. He’s off to an re-enactment event in Denmark now, but once he’s back, we should go back training again. I mean, how can I be an awesome viking warrior when I’m not training!!


(except I’m more awesome then Lagertha 😛 )

DONE: 16/30

Save at least a 1000 euro’s

Pay back my mom

Take my parents out for dinner at a ‘fancy’ restaurant

Decorate my balcony

As you may have read in the blogpost “The Art of Spending Money”, I got tired of waiting to have a right sale to buy the stuff I want, so I’ve bough the furniture for my balcony and I’ve set it up. I might do something about the balcony itself at one point, because concrete isn’t really my style to begin with, but I don’t want to invest a whole lot of money in something like wood for a floor. Maybe if I run into something online. But for now it’s done in the sense that I can use it for what I intended to do with it.


Finish my bedroom

I started with my bedroom by hanging up some lights. Yes, it took me 1,5 years. But I’m a picky girl, so I couldn’t find anything that I loved. And then there is the thing about me being to short, so I had some help of a friend. I have found an awesome color for my wall (yes, pink). At first I wanted a new bed as well, but I’m restricting myself to a new matras (I had a little accident that resulted in blood in bed, nothing weird, just a razorblades and a shower and not noticing). I’ve cleaned out most of the stuff I don’t need anymore as well. I need to find a ‘volunteer’ for the painting.


Visit a friend in Ireland

Start and finish a TV-show

Attent a full reenactment event


Finish a 30-day project

Week 1, 23 and 4

Go to the ‘Efteling’.
Go Raw-food for a week

Enter a Viking Run
Do a day of volunteers work


Dance in the rain

Unplug for 24 hours

I finished this one during the weekend as well. I put my phone in my bag on Friday night and didn’t take it out until Sunday evening because I wanted to check the weather for Monday. Except for that I just left it on flight mode for most of the weekend. Maybe it’s the surroundings, but I didn’t even miss it.

Watch all Tim Burton films

Attend at leat 4 viking trainings.

1st training: january 8th, 2016

2nd training: january 22nd, 2016

3rd training: february 5 th, 2016 (ok, I didn’t really finish it, but I think it counts

Buy a lotery ticket

Do a road trip
Make a recipe book

I’ve done the research, written most of the recipes and I’ve started picking out the recipes that I want to make pictures of. I’ve tried most of the recipes, but I will probably cook them on events, where it’s more difficult to take pictures. A camera isn’t really authentic :P. I expect to be done next month 😀

Get at least 1 certificate at work

Do a photoshoot
Do a workshop
Read a classic novel

Bake 10 different muffin recipes

Lovers Banana Toffee muffins
Pandan muffin
Mango muffin
Applesauce muffin
Oreo Muffin
Plain and Simple Banana muffin

Finish one year of ‘One Line a Day’

Get a new tattoo

Make a vegan cheesecake