With the BBQ-season coming up, it’s time to start thinking about vegan options for those summer nights where you don’t feel like cooking and all you want to do is grab some French Bread, a salad and put your ass in the garden with a nice cold glass of lemonade (or wine depending on the day).


When I was still living at home this is what we did a lot on Sunday afternoons. One of my favourite things was my moms egg salad. Nothing from a tub, but freshly made from eggs, mayonaise and mustard. Of course, now that I’m vegan that is no longer an option.

I’ve been wanting to made egg salad before, but wasn’t able to find a suitable replacement for the mayonaise. I could get the vegan version in the health food store, but at almost 6 euro’s for a jar which I’m not going to finish felt like a waste of money. Then I realised I could just make it myself. I just linked the recipe for the mayo in the list of ingredients, since I’m not going to pretent I actually came up with this myself.

Right, time to head out in the sun!!! Enjoy the weekend!!

What do you need?tofueggsalad1

  • 200 gram of steamed tofu (cooled down)
  • 60 gr of vegan mayo
  • 30 gr. of mustard
  • 15 gr. of nutritional yeast
  • turmeric
  • garlic
  • pepper

Roughly chop the tofu, like you would if using a normal egg. Make sure that to tofu is cooled down, otherwise it will not work with the mustard and mayo. Mix in the mayo, mustard, yeast and spices and stir well.


Since I had mine for lunch and I wasn’t in the mood to get a full loaf of bread. I just toasted a slice of bread and ate the salad with tomatoes and cucumber.