Ok, I admit: I read womansforums just to read the most silly story’s about the things woman worry about. Really, the things woman worry about. I love the topics about diets and losing weight, mostly because a lot of woman try to lose weight and say they found the ‘magic method’, yet in about 80% of the times you read the following line:

I lost 10 kilo’s last year, gained 5 after I quit so now I’m going back on that diet.

How can you say a diet is successful when you need to get back on that diet after a year since you gained weight again. I’m often surprised on the things people do to lose weight. And no, these aren’t stupid people. If you know me a little by now you know I’m not a fan of diets. At least the diets that tell you that you need to cut out a certain food group or something like that.

Anyhow, this got me thinking about all the silly diets that existed in history. So I’ve been looking into the silliest diets throughout history. Really, i found the most hilarious diets. This is the list of the ones I either found hilarious, scary or just plain weird.

1000 – Liquor diet 
Circa 1070, King William I (1027 - 1087), known as the Conqueror, the first Norman King of England. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Dieting was never a real problem for our ancestors. I mean, most people struggled to get enough food into their system as it is, no matter where they came from. The first person to go on a weight-loss diet was King William the Conqueror. Nearing the end of his life, William was so fat that he was no long able to ride a horse (very important if you’re anyone important in that time). In order to lose weight so he went on a liquid diet… hem…. Liquor diet. Which was successful, since he was able to ride again. But when he was leading an expedition agains the French Vexin in 1087, he fell of his horse and died on September 9th 1087. Not only was this the first recorded diet, it was also the first recorded failed diet. Since they had to squeeze him in this coffin
1800 – Lord Byron
sillydiets3Lord Byron, a ethereal poet with a tendency to gain weight did everything to prevent gaining weight. His diet included biscuits, soda water and potatoes drained in vinegar and wearing layers of clothing so he would sweat a lot and lose weight. At his lowest he weight only 69 kilo’s. To suppress his hunger he smoked cigars. Does this sound like anything you know, that’s right, the guy showed signs of anorexia.
1920’s – Cigarette Diet 
sillydiets2This diet started to gain popularity around the 1920’s, when Lucky Strike wanted to boost their sales. The did that by promoting the fact that cigarettes surprises your appetite. So in stead of eating something sweet, you would light up a cigarette. This ‘diet’ was so successful  that sales went up 200%. After 1968 cigarette company’s weren’t allowed to promote cigarettes anymore. There are no food restrictions with this diet, just like there is no reason for exercise (like you could if you smoke all day), all you do is smoke. So, not only does this diet reduces your waistline, it also makes your lungs smaller and raises your blood pressure. But hey, you’re skinny!! (and dead)
1930’s – The Grapefruit Diet
sillydiets4This diet started in Hollywood around the 1930’s. It was claimed that the grapefruit contained a fat-burning enzyme. Apart from eating a grapefruit with every meal it’s encouraged to eat meat, eggs and other foods that are hight in fat and protein, but restrict the eating of sugar, sweet fruits, veggies and grains.
you do this for 12 days and it claimed you will lose about 1,5-2 kilo’s. Of course it worked, because it pretty much tells you what to eat but not the amounts. I tried calculating a few days, and using normal sized meals I ended up around 1400 calories. Since this is what you would burn by just laying in bed all day, of course it would work. But I doubt the grapefruit has anything to do with it, except adding fruits to your diet.
1940’s Lemon water detox diet
sillydiets5Although known now after Beyonce followed it. The first mention of this ‘diet’ was made in the book ‘The Master Cleanser in the 1940’s by Stanly Burroughs. While following this diet you can only drink a lemonade with lemon juice, Maply Syrup, Cayenne Pepper and water. It supposed to detox your body and removed excess fat. Of course, no scientific evidence, other that temporary weightless. Side effects are fatigue, nausea and dizziness, but also loss of muscles.
1950’s – tapeworm diet
sillydiets6I think this is one of the most disgusting diets ever!!! Who in their right mind would put a parasite in your body, in order to lose weight. It allowed you to eat everything you want, all you had to do was swallow a baby tapeworm, this one would grow up to 9 meters and eat your intestines. When you are done, take the ‘anti’0pill and the tapeworm would be killed and it would leave your body the ‘natural way’. It works because you have to share the food you eat with the worm, so you don’t need to watch the stuff you eat. But, they don’t call it a parasite without reason: it takes everything, so that means you can get vitamin deficiencies.  Ow, another side effect: you can die…
1950’s – hCG diet
sillydiets7In the 1950’s a British physician, A.T.W. Simeons claimed that following a 500 kcal a day diet and the pregnancy hormone HCG would result in wight loss. Of course, it work if you eat 500 calories a day. But there is no evidence that the hormones have anything to do with it. This shots are legal, as long as they are being injected by a health care provider. But I doubt that any doctor will do this for losing weight.