Although I claim to be a minimalist and I don’t want to buy things I don’t need or don’t make me happy, that doesn’t mean I’m not spending money what so ever. Since my house and wardrobe are still a work in progress and reenactment isn’t a cheap hobby as well it’s not like I have a whole lot of money left at the end of the month. Like I said in ‘the plan’ before I look at saving as a normal cost so I save money as soon as my pay check comes in, so everything that remains after paying the bills is ‘spending money’.
But it just feels like a waste of money to spend money on some things since they don’t add any value for me.

Extra tv-packages + extra fast internet

Every now and then I get a call from my ISP/cable-provider with an offer they think I can’t refuse. Like last time, when I could get 3 months of HBO for half price and after that it would cost my ‘only’ 15 euro’s a month. I told her I use Netflix for movies and TV-shows so I didn’t need HBO. She kept trying for about 10 minutes before finally giving up (I let her try, I was in slow traffic anyway so I needed the entertainment). It’s not that I don’t like HBO, but I just don’t watch a lot of TV and I really don’t want to spend the 15 euro’s a month. Same with extra fast internet. I have the lowest internet speed, which is still fast enough to stream Netflix. We had the same speed at the student house I was living in, so why would I need a faster package when I’m living alone.

Lunch at work

Apart from the fact that they don’t have a lot of options for me anyway I don’t spend a lot of money at the restaurant. I think I might spend about 10 euro’s a month there, most of the time I only buy fruit. ‘I could never spend time making lunch’ is something my co-workers say a lot when the topic comes up. All I wonder is, so you don’t have 5 minutes to fix a lunch at night? I rather spend 5 minutes making my own lunch if that means I wouldn’t have to spend 15-20 euro’s a week in the restaurant. 20 euro’s a week, 45 weeks a year (breaks, a few days of sick leave), that’s almost a 900 euro’s a year, just on lunch! I know a lot of other things I can spend that money on.

Land line

At my cable company, I have to pay about 6 euro’s a month for a landline, and that is without even using it. But, my cellphone plan offers me 150 minutes a month, which I usually spend during calls I make in the car. So a landline would just be a waste of money. With mobile internet and apps like What’s app I usually use that to keep day to day contacts.


Since I live alone and I have a fulltime job I don’t have a lot of washing up to do. I do my washing once a day at night while I’m prepping breakfast and lunch. I’m sure a dishwasher would save water, but I just don’t have the room for it. And I’m not sacrificing my washing machine just so I can have a dishwasher (yes, I’ve seen it). Same goes for my dryer.  I normally just hang my laundry out on a rack in the bedroom. The only time I would like a dryer is when I’m washing my sheets, because they take up so much room and I can’t do any other laundry. But with good planning that can be solved easily.

Insurance on appliances 

When you buy something like a tv or a laptop, you can get an extra warranty for x-amount of money added to the one year you get from the manufacturer. Totally useless! In Europe, you have a right to a 2-year warranty without having to pay extra. During the first 6 months you don’t have to prove it’s broken, you can just go back to the store and they have to help you (they can’t direct you to the manufacturer). After the 6 months, you need to provide evidence that the defect was there when you bought it. If you get extra warranty, it should be extra to this standard, it should always be beneficial to the consumer. This also applies to individual country’s.
So, in Dutch tradition, we have vague laws that apply in this situation. Dutch law states that the consumers has the right so a sound product, that means the product should last the average life expectancy of the product. That’s means that a product has a expected lifespan of 5 years, that the length of the warranty. Welcome to the Netherlands!!!
Other things I don’t spend money on
  • shaving cream, I always use shower gel or shampoo. Works just as well for me, since I often react to shaving cream (don’t get me started about that cream you can use to remove hair)
  • fabric softener, I love ‘hard’ towels.
  • bottles of soda, I often only drink one glass so when I feel the need to drink a soda I rather buy a can.
  • bags of crisps, nuts (snacks), again when I have a need for snacking I often buy a small pack.

The last two might seem weird, because buying a can of soda of a snack sizes bag of nuts is often more expensive then buying a bottle of full-size bag. But I either toss half of it away or I eat the whole bag and I get sick. What kind of things do you rather not spend money on.