Sunday morning, I just finished cleaning my house after my birthday which I celebrated yesterday. I had a blast with my best friends and the kids showing up for my party. I’ve gotten some great gifts


And a ‘gift certificate’ for a lunch with one of the girls. Note to self, never hold a pink wand and say you love it with my 3 vikings around and my birthday coming up! The cutting board is a gift from my mom from Italy. I’ve been spoiled!!

Last year I fell into my usually trap and tried to do to much things to make sure everyone has a great time. All it does is making me feel frustrated and I usually end up crying at some point. This year I decided to have my groceries delivered at home (ok, I still had to go to the store because I didn’t get everything I ordered.

Last year I tried to make a vegan birthday cake so I could eat some myself. But since I no longer care much about cake I just used these mixes to make my birthday cake.


I used 1/3 of both mixes last week while making cupcakes for work. I still have no idea what it tasted like since I just followed the recipe and used eggs. I was glad I did because I think it was about 9 cm’s high to start out with. Since it’s a lot of cake I cut it in half and put on some strawberry jam and chocolate buttercream with vegan butter (since one of my friends is lactose intolerant). At first I wanted to make two layers and stack them together. But I knew that was going to take to much time. So I made a ‘Zebra’-cake.


I didn’t put to much of buttercream between it, maybe about 0.5 cm. I was thinking about getting some cream as well. But of course, I forgot that and I didn’t want to fuss and go back to the shops again. Around 16:00 we started to fire up the BBQ. I made two types of chicken (honey BBQ, what I call Londoner Chicken and pork in soy/tomato/garlic/ginger-marinade. I served that with some bread, rosemary/salt-potatowedges and salad. I made marinaded tempeh for myself (I totally forgot about myself until that morning).


Yes, I used disposable plated and utensils. But I don’t have enough plates and I had enough dishes as it is. Plus, with two kids in a house that isn’t really kids proof… That accidents waiting to happen!


After dinner we went to ‘play’ outside with the son of one of my friends and we had dessert with (soy) ice-cream and some fresh fruit. When they left it was just me and my boys and they helped my out with putting everything back in it’s place and helping me do dished.

Today I’m just being lazy and I’m not planning on doing anything special. Just writing some blog posts, putting my new vikingpants together and have some light food to compensate for all the snacks and food I had yesterday.