Once upon a time there was a girl, a girl who needed a new hobby. Then, that girl met this bunch of crazy idiots who did re-enactment.


At some point she decided it would be fun to go for once.


Then everything went downhill from there.

I made some clothing, got a pretty box, got sold by my brother


Basically, re-enactment ruined my life…


Most of those guys have long hair. So whenever one or more of them stay I can vacuum my house when they leave and have enough hair to make a wig. Don’t even get me started about the shower…


Ever since I’ve started fighting I can no longer wear shorts because I always have bruises on my legs or arm. Yes, that means I’m not defending myself properly yet. But try explaining that to people that have no idea about what you do during the weekend.



While other girls go shopping with their friends or do whatever, this is what I do during the weekend. Working on clothing or any piece of equipment or household item I still have waiting for me to finish. Even my birthday gets ‘infected’ by reenactment. This year we saw an exhibition about weapons throughout history, and the best part of my birthday was a 3,5 year old walking around with ‘Snarfy’ the dead fox he got from one of my friends. I’ve even planned my holiday around one of the Viking events in August.



Talking about projects, they always seem to take up a lot more room then any other of my hobby’s ever did. Not very Marie Kondo…. Don’t even get me started about the stuff that’s in the attic.


Also, instead of Cosmopolitan or something like that, this is what I read during breaks or during the evening.


Spending money


Over the last year I’ve spend money on fabric, fabric, more fabric, shoes, utensils and a load of other stuff. I’ve never spend this much time in second hand stores scouting around for things that I could make work.

Learning new skills

For reenactment I’ve learned how to use a sowing machine, cut patterns and put deciding how to make in a piece of clothing work. I’m even thinking of buying a machine myself, just so I don’t have to borrow it from my mom or my friends.



I can’t watch tv-shows or movies about vikings anymore, because I can tell all the things that are wrong with it. Yes, even a tv-show like ‘Vikings’ by the History Channel isn’t historically correct. I mean, who has time to put their hair like that?


Ok, sometimes taking of your shirts helps…..


But yet,

I love my boys to pieces, love the fact that I’m getting better at fighting, learning new skills and that I don’t just spend my weekends watching brainless shows on Netflix or spending money on stuff I don’t really need.

So yes, although re-enactment has a big impact on my life, I wound’t want to miss it for the world.