Ever since Easter I’ve been learning a lot about where I want to go as a re-enacter. First I was focused on food, because I realised I wasn’t going to last a weekend or even longer on salads and bread. So I’ve learned about the food the Vikings had to their disposal at certain times of the year and coming up with foods I can eat and that don’t need a lot of prepping and modern stuff. I mean, I can’t take my kitchen machine 😛

But I also learned a lot of other new stuff. Especially on stuff that I still want and need, especially during the events that take place earlier in the year. And since I plan on going to events outside of the Netherlands at some point I will need stuff that keep me warm at night.

So I got 2 new blankets and an extra fur. One is made out of fleece which I covered with cheap linnen I got at Ikea. Not really authentic, but it’s going to be in my tent anyway, so nobody will actually care about it. The other one is made out of 100% wool which I got at an online shop when I was buying fabric for a pair of pants I made.



The pants aren’t a 100% ‘right’ for what I’m doing. But a while ago I was talking to a lady at an event and we actually thought that these kind of pants under a dress would be something that made sense, since they didn’t have thermal underwear in the 9th century. I could wear these pant under my dress and put some legcovers over them.

Since all the dressmaking leaves me with a lot of left over fabric I decided on making a bag as well. Since I don’t want to wear leather if I don’t need to I still need something to cary my stuff in when I’m going to walk around. Again, not really a 100% authentic, but I don’t think walking around with my green wallet with flowers on it is really authentic.

I was already training to fight, but after Easter I realised I really need to do something physical. I’m not the girl who will sit on a chair doing weaving or needlework all weekend. I need to be busy at some point to get rid of my energy and focus my mind again. But I also learning you want to be protected at ‘certain’ points of your body, like knees, elbows and boobies :P.

On the left picture you can see my elbow and knee protection which I got at a biking store. It’s very flexible which is nice when you want to  move around a lot, but also offers protection where you need it. For my chest I got top with cups to protect my boobies. It’s not really comfortable, but I’ve been hit a few times and that has been during training when everything is slower and more controlled then it would be during a ‘show’.


This is what my elbow-protection looks like combined with my ‘authentic’-protection.


On a more practical base. Chances are it might rain during an event. And even though I don’t use my phone during events I do want to keep it in a safe place, together with my car- and house keys and my wallet. This year I kept it in the bag I used to store my clothing in, but it was a fabric bag and if water runs into my tent that could be trouble. So when I emptied out my cade of protein powder I remembered what I used when I was in water scouting. These kinds of things are great to store all your precious things in, keeps them from rain and it keeps everything together. And since I tend to loose things if they aren’t in a personal space, this will be perfect!



Of course, I’m not done yet. Right now I’ve been reading a lot to determine which period or place I want to focus on. With my interest for Islam and Turkey it’s not surprise my focus is on the Rus-Viking that took service in the Varangian Guard of the Turkish Emperors. To start out I bought this book:


I will put up a review about this book when I’m done, but I already learned a lot about time period and where I want to focus on.