When I first started with this blog I always posted a few progress pictures with my recipes. This will change and for a number of reasons:

1. I just don’t have the time to edit them anymore, with everything that is going on in my life and how that may effect my future I’m not sure that will be something I can pick up again.

2. I just don’t feel a picture of rice cooking in a pot actually adds anything to the recipe

3. They just don’t look that good. My food tastes good (imo) and I feel the pictures really don’t add to that thought anymore

That doesn’t mean there will not be any progress pictures at all anymore, but I will only add them if they improve the post. So for instance, a picture of some ingredient that looks good or the structure of a meal in progress. For now I will stick to the pictures of the end result.

Sorry for the people that liked my progress pictures. But I rather post recipes that I feel good about, and that just wasn’t happening anymore