So that means: projects!

Since I will not be attending any more reenactment events this year, I want to use this winter to prepare some stuff for next season. Some of them will be bigger projects, some will be smaller. Some of these projects are things that are a bit higher in priority then others, for instance, the bed. I will post things according to the priority I give them. Some of the things involving wood might need to involve some help from someone, since I’m not that handy with a saw. But that’s why I’m not putting them up


Yes, I already own a pair of shoes. But these are heavy and fully closed. With temperatures at Vikingweek rising up to 30+ degrees, I ended up walking bared food, which didn’t leave my feet in the best condition they could be in. Instead of buying another pair of shoes that will probably cost me over a 100 euro’s I decided I wanted to make my own, the type of shoe I want to maken is known as a turn shoe. And I hope these will protect my feet at camp without hurting my feet to much.

I already found a pattern and I’m planning on taking measurements so I can get some leather (preferable leftover) and I can see if I can fix myself a pair of shoes.



Second thing that needs to be done is fix the tent. No, it’s not leaking or anything, but I want new fixtures to close it better. Right now we close it by knotting up two straps, but since they are made out of cotton it’s hard to untie them when they are wet or when someone tied them up to tight. So I’m replacing one side of straps with loops made out of cotton and replacing the other set of straps by leather padding and holes. This way, you can use the straps to close the tent without having to tie them all up.



I already have a stool, but since I would like to sit more comfortable I need something for my back. I’ve found this chair which looks easy to make. I can do some nice woodwork or a drawing on the back of the chair, but I can also just finisch it of with some flaxseed oil. I don’t think mine will look as pretty as the one below, but that’s to fancy for a little ol’ viking gall like me 😛



Although I have a stretcher, I know this will not be very comfortable in the long run. I’m not getting any younger 😛 a friend of mine already owns a bed and after spending two nights on that I realised I wanted a bed as well. I’m going to make mine about the same size as my stretcher, so I might have to look for a special sized matras. But the pro’s on making these kinds of beds is that they can be taken apart and the sides can be cut in half so they could fit in my car. This is a bigger project and with all the other things I have planned for myself this might be something which will be saved for next year. I’m not doing the woodwork you can see on the picture, I’m going for a version that is just flat.