Yes, it’s been a wile since I wrote about my wardrobe, but with winter coming up it’s time to think of items I might need for the upcoming cold (hope not) months.

I don’t need a whole lot of items, but some of  my basics need replacing because they are just a bit big on me and I haven’t gotten around to replacing them yet. Plus side of working at the office where nobody really cares about how you look (IT rocks that way) is that I can just resort to my good old basic colours: black, grey and white.

Basic t-shirts

First of all, I need some new basic t-shirts. These shirts can be worn with almost everything I own and for some reason I like wearing these t-shirts more then wear racerback-tops. First of all because that means that if you sweat, it will not transfer to your vest or jacket, so you don’t have to wash them.


These cost me about 17 euro’s for the two, so that’s a bargain 😛

Basic vests

I love these vests, I wear them on sleeveless dresses to be able to wear them during the winter, but also with a simple t-shirt on pants and combining them with high heals. I think I’ll get one in grey and black again.


Pants and jacket

Although I already own two pair of nice pants these are 7/8 in length and not always useful during the winter, so I’m alway planning on buy a new pair of straight full length pants. Apart from the two blazers (1 more formal then the other) I would like another jacket. The one below is a model I really like, because it’s still ‘dressy’ without being to formal.

(both from Mango)

I don’t think I’ll be needing a lot more, apart from new better quality stockings to wear under my dresses and my pants. I always got cheaper ones before but I got more expensive ones during the summer and I actually liked these beter. They are better quality and match my skin tone better then they cheaper ones do.

The ‘want’-item

Yes, another midi-skirt. I already have a stripped one, but sometimes I want the length and the feel of the skirt, but the model and pattern always make it stand out. So this one is more plain and maybe easier to wear as well.


What about you? What you have to get this winter season?