Only 11 more days before my job ends. It’s a bit weird, I’m looking forward to starting my new job but I’m also going to miss the people and the work that I do now. Yet I have a hard time motivating myself. It doesn’t help (or maybe that just makes it worse) that I’m still suffering from migraines. I just hope it’ll pass this weekend, otherwise I’m going to see the doctor. Two weeks of migraine is to much, even for me.

Anyhow, back to food.


AVG? What do you mean AVG. AVG is

A = aardappelen (potatoes)

V = Vlees (meat)

G = Groenten (veggies)

To be a cliche, a stereotypical Dutch meal. I’ve made stuff like this before but I wanted to try again. The twist comes from the way I cooked it. Since I don’t eat meat I needed to replace that, and I don’t think the picture of cooked potatoes and cauliflower will sound to appealing to you. So, I added some stuff and did something fun cooking it.

One plate filled with veggies, coming up!

What do you need (2 servings)avgwithatwist1

  • 1 cauliflower (about 350 gr. in total)
  • 450 gr. of potato wedges
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 1 red pepper
  • 2 servings of vegan bacon
  • 1 bag of lettuce
  • spices to taste (I used pepper, salt and chilli’s)

Start by steaming the cauliflower, that needs about 10 minutes (you can cook it if you want). While that is steaming away, cut the peper and onion into halves and rings.

Heat (vegan) butter in a pan and start by frying up the ‘bacon’, after that, add the potato wedges. If you bought pre-cooked ones and you don’t want to wait forever till they are done. Poke a few holes in the bag and put in the microwave for a minute or 3.

When the cauliflower is done, drain and add to the potatoes. Give it a good stir and add your desired spices. Put the lettuce on a plate and scoop on the ‘AVG’.



Do you have a favourite meal that’s typical for your country?