My Mr. isn’t a vegan, he’s not even a vegetarian. Because you know:


Although he doesn’t mind eating vegan or vegetarian, he ‘needs’ his meet every now and then. Now, I can be a b*tch about it and not cook him meat, or be a loving girlfriend and try to find a way to make us both happy.

1. Baking with a divider

This thing work perfectly when you only have a small oven like I do, I don’t have the room to put in two seperate baking trays. The divider can be removed so I can just use it as a normal baking tray as well. But if you make something like the stuffed eggplant and I want to make his with minced meat instead of chickpea’s. They can both go in their seperate spaces and I don’t have meat on mine.


Here is the way I made the Saurekraut work. I added cheese for him and had mine with nutricional yeast. This this is basically a lifesaver for any ovendish I make.

Recipes that can be altered to non-vegan options are:

2. Cooking protein seperate

This is what I do most, since I don’t like using to much pots. What I do is cook the meal like I would normally do, but instead of putting in the protein with the meal I make both of them seperate. This meal works perfectly for those meals that don’t need meat to add a lot of flavour. I always use pre-cut meat so I don’t have to worry about crosscontamynation or even having to hold the stuff with my hands (most of the time I just ask him to do it anyways).

Recipes that work for this kind of cooking:

3. Cook seperate pots

This might work best when you’re cooking the more traditional meals where potatoes/rice/pasta are cooked seperate from veggies and and you use a meatreplacement product as a source  for protein. This way you can just cook like you are used to, but just use a seperate pan to cook a meatreplacement seperatly.

Need inspiration for meat replacements instead of the storebought ones