One of my very best friends Alissa started this 30 day blog challenge on her blog Dani and Mom (Dutch), she found her inspiration for this project on a blog called (dutch). She started this challenge because normally summer is a time where a lot of bloggers go into summer mode and they don’t post that many blogs. Since I’m spending more time with the mr. (planning our move, spending time together) and I’m starting my new job in November, I felt this would be a great thing for me to do as well. Of course, there will be recipes and other posts as well, but I’m not sure I’m going to have the time to type out everything.

Although the name of the challenge might indicate that it’s 30 days of subjects you have to post about, Hare Maristeit just says: Take it easy. Just take out the idea’s you like, or just take longer to post them. I’m going to this in the same way Alissa does this, every Sunday I’m going to post one article of the list.

#30 Day Blog Challenge
1. Blog name
2. Favourite quotes
3. What’s in my bag
4. Tv show I would join
5. Top 5 blogs I follow
6. What makes me happy
7. Collections and Obsessions
8. If I was to win the lottery
9. Embarrassing moments
10. 3 best and worst habits
11. Piercings and Tattoo’s
12. Hospitality and me
13. My favourite movies
14. Things that scare me
15. When I grow up
16. My best holiday
17. Blogging: goals and (des)illusions
18. 5 favourite meals
19. Best gift I ever got
20. Celebrity Crush
21. A day in the life of me
22. Social Media and me
23. My fridge
24. What I want to learn
25: 5 things I can’t live without
26. My favourite outfit
27. My home
28. 5 favourite YouTube movies
29. My first job
30. Favourite Children’s Book