Sunday = #30dayblogchallenge day!

Today I’m doing number 23 of the list where I give you a sneak peak of my fridge. I did this picture just before we had our trip to Brugges, so it’s not the best stuffed fridge ever. But, I’m making it up to you by showing you a picture of what’s in my ‘stock’-closet.



Most of the time my fridge is stuffed with basic stuff you need: curry paste, lemon juice, mustard, tahin (I like it better when it’s cold like this) vegan mayo, and pepper paste, ow and sugarsnaps for dinner the next day (Enough for 1 yes) and some left over soy cuisine that I was going to use to the pasta sauce.  I always keep that on the top shelve. Lower shelve: vegan butter, humous and yes… cheese. But you can already guess that’s not mine. In the vegetable drawer there are some beans for the pasta dish I was cooking us that evening (with tomato sauce and soy chunks). Also, apples and a cucumber.

The door isn’t that special: almond milk, rice vinegar, soy sauce and some dressings for the rare occasion I use those (come to think about it, I should check if they are still fit to eat.). Also, in the door is after sun. When I get a sunburn I want to cool my skin, and I find spraying on cooled after sun really works. (free tip here)


30dayblogchallenge5So here is where I keep most of my stock. As you can see, I keep a lot of things in see through cases since I feel I can store everything better. Top shelve are my baking trays and boxes I use on a daily base for lunch and storing food in.


This shelve is for canned food (beans, tomatoes, coconut milk, oils and stuff like that. The containers hold foods that come in crappy quality bags or containers. Like baking powder/soda, egg replacer, grains, dried lentils and stuff like that. As you can see, there is also some of the boyfriends stuff here, since he likes stuff like chocolate paste on the bread. He always brings it when he’s here, the only thing I bought for him/us is the peanut butter.

3rd shelve is stock, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, cookies, toast, sauces and some baking supplies.

4rd shelve: the container usually keeps stuff like potatoes, onions and stuff like that. Right now there is a banana in there as well, but usually I keep them on the shelve. Apart from that: oatmeal and milk

5th shelve: cooking and baking supplies. So storage containers that I don’t use on a daily base, baking trays, rolling pin, the stuff from my kitchen machine. On the floor is a can of vegan protein powder that I add to my oatmeal in the morning.



If you want to know, yes, this closet also hold some cleaning stuff, waste paper, shopping bags, paint and some tools.

So this is my fridge/storage. Is it what you expect it would be? I feel it’s practical for the room I have available to me. I hope I have some more space in our new house. But otherwise: Tetris anyone?