While the Mr. and me are spending the Sunday catching up on cuddles and ‘cookies’ (our word for kisses while we where still working together) you get to enjoy another post in the 30dayblogchallenge that I started a few weeks ago. Today you get a Top 5 of my current favourite YouTube video’s, aka number 28 on the list.
Some of them are my favourite right now because they fit the current situation. And of course, Simon’s cat is always a favourite, especially since the Mr and me are planning on getting our own cat when we move.
  1. Mostly Vegan by Tyrannosauruslexxx
This movie is about how tyrannosauruslexxx says how she is mostly vegan and how she feels about this. What I love about this movie is that it’s about how you should live your life in a way you feel best about yourself and not care so much about what other people think. My food is vegan, but I’m sure I’ve gotten some dairy or any other animal product in my body over the last year. For instance, I’ve eaten naan’s, which are made with yogurt. And I also still have shoes that are made out of leather and I’m planning on buying wool for a Viking coat. Does that make me a horrible person? Maybe. But this way I can live my life the way it feels best for me, and if that means ‘breaking the vegan-ruled’ every once in a while, so be it.
  1. Our First Q & A – Why is Liz not vegan already? How do we put up with each other?
For me this was a very interesting video, because my Mr. isn’t vegan, he’s not even vegan. I don’t show him video’s about animal cruelty, because I feel he’s compromising enough, during our stay in Brugges we had dinner at a vegetarian restaurant and he really enjoys my meals (or he’s to polite to tell me he doesn’t). But I compromise as well, by sometimes buying meat for him (I don’t cook it though, nor do I handle it). I feel it’s important that I don’t judge him for eating meat, because it’s my choice to go vegan and I should force him to be vegan/vegetarian. Ow, and to the question: no mango or no avocado. How can you make that choice!!! They are both perfect!!
Ow, and I never force him to brush his teeth after he ate meat. And I don’t feel like eating meat when he eats it, although I also love the smell of bacon.
  1. Simons Cat – Double Trouble
Sorry, this movie is just hilarious. Since we’re getting a cat when we move in together, I can see this happening to us. Also, this movie made me want to call our cat ‘Grandma’. Because, how funny would it be to yell: “Grandma, get out of the curtains”, or “Grandma, no pooping in your waterbowl”. Mr. doesn’t agree, so I’m trying to find a nice Viking name for our cat.
  1. TEDtalk – Looks aren’t everything, believe me I’m a model
This video is just so strong, image is powerful. People often tell me I look so amazing, because of my weight (I wear a UK size 6). When I was heavier, I never got so many compliments about my looks. Being a girl in a masculine envoirment I know I’ve gotten things done because of the fact I’m a woman. On a few occasions I was asked to call a client to tell him we’re weren’t going to make the deadline, because they knew they wouldn’t react the same because I’m a girl.
Yet, I also feel I have to work harder then the men at my field, because I’m a girl and people ofter think I’m not as capable as my male colleage’s. And that makes me feel sad sometimes. Because I want to be judged on what I do, not on what’s in my pants.
  1. De Keuring – Waardenberg en de Jong (Dutch)
This movie was sent to me by one of my former co-workers after I made my first mistake at work that actually effected a client. The idea of this movie is that the object in this movie was broken by a woman, because she had to do a mens job. It might sound like it’s sort of woman unfriendly. But for me, the fact that he sent me this video and me seeing it for the joke it was, showed me that it was ok for me to make mistakes and it made me feel like part of the team.
What about you? Do you have favourite movies, or do they change under the influence of your personal situation?