Again, another post in the #30dayblogchallenge . Today I’m doing number 29 of the list: my first job. I focussed on the job I had as a teenager instead of my first ‘grownup’-job, because I’ve complained about that job often enough and I want to focus on the positive things that have happend since then.
I got my first job when I was about 14 years old, like a lot of girls my first job was babysitting. One of my mom’s co-workers had a babyboy and I would babysit twice a week from the time she would go to work until her husband came back from work. I made about 10 euro’s a week from that, which was a lot of money for a 14 year old.
When I was allowed to, I started a job as a ‘maintenance worker’ at the local pool, which basically ment that I cleaned the pool on Friday-afternoons and in the evening as well. Since I didn’t receive minimum wage but the salary one would get for this position I was payed above minimum wage. So while my schoolmates where slaving away in the supermarket I almost made 1/3 more and I was able to swim for free (which was very useful in the summer when we would live there).
For me, these jobs where much needed to make sure I was able to pay for everything that I wanted. I would get an allowance and a budget for clothing, but this wasn’t always enough to pay for everything. I never thought of this to be a bad thing, because it made me think realistically about money and the value of it. Until this day, I profit from the fact that I was making money at a young age.
When I was studying for my teaching degree I would save my summer earnings to pay for my tuition and books. Since I was able to work in elderly care I would again make more money then the average student made because I could do skilled work. Also, night shifts!!
I know I was lucky with my jobs, either because I had a certain degree or because I would know people at the company (my mom worked at the pool). Because of this I would make more money then my schoolmates would. On the other hand because my mom was a single mom and we didn’t get any financial aid from my dad I really needed this money to pay for everything. But again, I feel this has made me more aware of the value of money and I learned to handle money at a young age.