For some reason, this didn’t get online yesterday, so I’m posting it today. This weekend wasn’t to great anyway, since I was sick most of the weekend. The one time I don’t check the label a 100% and I end up getting milk into my system. So now my stomach hurts like hell and everything is just weird…
Ah well, time for another post in the #30dayblogchallenge. Today I’m doing number 21 on the list.
This is actually a double post, since my new job requires me to work in shifts. An early one that starts around 7:45 and ends around 16:15 and a late shift that starts around 9:30 and ends around 18:00. So I thought it would be fun to show you how my day looks like during both weeks, since they might look a little different.
“Early Shift”-week
5:50 – waking up
Omg, cold. Quickly, shower
6:15 – Breakfast and putting myself together
Today: oatmeal, almond milk, cinnamon, apple and frozen raspberries. I made that last night (as always during the week), so in the morning I pop that in the microwave. 1,5 minute, stir, 1,5 minute. Also, reading up on the news and slowly waking up. After that: make-up, hair, packing lunch, making tea, get in the car.
8:45 – 16:15 work
What happens depends on the tickets we get. Most of my morning was spend reading up and I learned some more about the company. Also, managed to resolve some tickets so that was nice.
17:00 Shopping
The day before (when making my lunch) I saw that I didn’t have to much bread left, at least not enough to make it through the rest of the week. So after work it was time for a trip to the grocery store to buy some bread, also I got an e-mail that something I ordered came it, so I picket that up as well.
17:30 Dinner
I made soup on Monday because I didn’t know how I would feel the first days, so all I had to do for dinner was heating up some soup and I made a quick humous with chickpea’s, lemon juice and a little bit of sesame paste, finished of with some chilli powder.
After dinner it was time to clean up, do disches and talk to the Mr. for a bit, discussing our plans for tomorrow and Friday. Of course, since this was one of the first days of my new job I was pretty tired, so I didn’t do that much afterwards, apart from watching some Netflix.
“Late shift”-week
7:00 waking up
Pfff… I slept to long, I need to get used to these hours… shower…
7:20 Breakfast and putting myself together.
Today my normal breakfast: almond milk, oatmeal, apple, cinnamon and a little bit of peanutbutter. Again, made this and lunch last night since that works best. Leaving for work around 8:00
9:15 – 18:00 Work
Since it was Friday when I took notes it was pretty quite. Our biggest consumers had a seminar that day it was extremely quite. So I spend most of my day studying for my ITIL and 2,5 hours on the implementation of the new version of our ticket system. Or at least, how we want to implement it. I also had a meeting with my manager about my ‘goals’ for the rest of my first year. Apart from ITIL and my Windows certification I might start for my Apple certification as well. They also believe I’m not a ‘techie’ so they want me to do PRINCE2 as well, since they feel that would better suit my personality and skill set. So I’m pretty pleased about that.
19:00 Dinner
I made my Friday night stir so that meant I was done with food around 19:15. So only thing I had to do was disches. I spoke to my Mr. about our plans for Saturday.
The rest of the evening was spend cleaning up and watching Netflix.
Wow, it really sounds like my daily life is all about work, food and Netflix. But of course, there are other things as well. Every other Wednesday my mom and me spend the evening next to the swimming pool while my aunt does some swimming. And of course, once a week the Mr. stays with me as well for dinner.