Sunday = 30 day blog challenge day. Today I’m doing number 8 of the list. About what I would do if I was to win the lottery.
What would I do with a enormous amount of money. Would I quit my job? Buy a big house? Travel around the world? Buy expensive clothing? Only go out for dinner from now on…
TBH, if I was to win a hug amount of money the first thing I would do is pay of my college depts. Since that dept is to high for my taste. You could buy a really nice car for that money.
Also, I would replace my car. Not because I don’t like my car. But it’s 16 years old and it’s not getting any better. Since I drive around 600-700 km’s a week there is a change I might have to replace it next year or the year after that. I don’t want a big car. I think I would actually buy a similar size car. The most important thing is that my car has enough room for my re-enactment gear.
Since I would be stealing from myself if I was to leave my money on the bank (taxes) I would probably get a house as well. It doesn’t have to be big or anything. Just something I could spend most of my life in. So a few extra rooms. I would invest in solar panels and some way to preserve water so I can use that for flushing the toilet. Goal would be to reduce the costs I have for electricity and be as self sufficient as I can be.
After that, if there is something left I would try and visit at least one of two places of the Travel Bucket list. But since I don’t think I would win that amount of money I guess I would just save the rest for a rainy day. Maybe invest it in something that would at least hold the value or maybe save for when I want to retire
What I would never no, spend it all on useless stuff like expensive clothing that would go out of fashion next year. I never cared about brands and I doubt I’ll ever will.