Every Sunday I write a post based on the list from the #30dayblogchallenge by HareMaristeit. Today I write about number 16 on the list.

This post isn’t really about a holiday, since I took this trip when I was doing my minor in school. I did a minor in Islamic history and part of this minor was a trip to Istanbul. Four days where spend in a city which really shows the border between east and west, since half the city is situated in Europe and the other half in Asia.


We saw the city in a way you would never see it as a tourist, because the teacher that tought us the classes really knew a lot about this city and could tell amazing story’s.

We where increadbly lucky that week since we had great weather which really showed us this city in all of it’s beauty. I would really love to go back some day. Below are some pictures that I took during that trip.


‘Halfdan was here’ Rude Vikings!!














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