Every Sunday I do a post from the #30dayblogchallenge by HareMaristeit, today I’m doing number 13 of the list. After my favourite meals I thought it was time to write about something that goes with good food, a good movie…

Sorry, I can’t pick just one movie. I mean, there are so many of them, how am I supposed to pick the one that’s my absolute favourite. Since I’m ‘breaking’ the rules of this Challenge anyway I’m going to post some of my favourite movies here.


First of all Amelie, this French film with the super cute actress Audrey Tautou is one of my favourite movies ever. For some reason, the way she looks at life is something I can relate to. I often feel I look at the world in a similar way. Not the same like Amelie does in the film, but I often feel I see and hear things different then other people do.


Second, Watchmen. I love the setting of this movie. Though it has so much violence the whole concept of the Watchmen intrigues me. How normal people can make a difference and all the normal things people deal with in daily life. Relationship difficulty’s, feeling like you don’t belong in the world and trying to do the best you can. Also, I love the music. I mean, remember the love scene with the song by Leonard Cohen.


Next up, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy . I’m a huge fan of the Marvel Universe and the movies this one is special to me. Apart from the humor of the film and the amazing soundtrack there are two reasons to why I love this movie. First of all, Vin Diesel as Groot. Although he only has the one line, he’s able to put everything he wants to say in these 3 words by just playing around with voice and intonation. Also Drax, he is incapable of understanding sarcasme and takes everything literally.   So a lot of times he’s characterised as a character with autism. From what I understand, this is not actually true, because it’s a racial thing. But if you look at the other movies I love I feel it doesn’t matter if it’s intended to. I feel it’s important people can relate to characters.


And finally, The Nightmare Before Christmas. I might not be a huge fan of Christmas, but I just love this one. Music, story, everything. For some reason this is the movie I watch when I feel bad.

What’s your favourite movie? Want to read mijn other posts from the #30dayblogchallenge??