Christmas, not my favourite time of the year. For some reason I never understood why this should be about expensive gifts, to much food and fake fun. Because face it, the internet is filled with stories about how people hate spending christmas with family they don’t really like, but they go because it’s expected of them.

Our ‘family’-tradition? We’re going to the movies. So, we saw The Lord of the RIngs, The Hobbit and now the next 5 years will be filled with the new Star Wars movies. After that we’ll have dinner which is usually something normal with a little extra. Sure I’m baking a very decadent cake for Christmas eve, but I do that because that recipe has been screaming to me ever since I got the book and the fact that we have a birthday party later that evening only makes it more fun to make it. Since loads of people can enjoy it.
We just see this as two extra days off (except we’re missing one this year because Christmas  takes place on a Sunday this year). For us, it’s just spending time tighter, which was more important a few years ago, when I was living further away and we only saw each other once a month.

When you through all the Christmas magazines all you see is stuff you ‘need’ to set the mood for Christmas. One of the free magazines I get from the supermarket even made a plan you can follow to make sure you get everything ready in time. They suggest you start buying stuff like red candles a few wees early….


Really, you you really need red candles, do you even need them at all. What’s wrong with normal candles and a nice tablecloth which you can use on different occasions as well. Ow, and apparently, vegans don’t eat during Christmas, since there are no vegan options in the menu’s the magazines provide. I’m actually kinda sad about it.

The same thing counts for gifs. We do get a gift from my mom, but most of the time I just ask for something I need. Two years ago I got a vacuum cleaner and this year I’m getting a new bag I can use for work since my old one broke two weeks ago and they backpack I have now isn’t really that practical. I believe my brother asked for a new razor. Last year I wrote a post about awesome Christmas gifts. But thinking back, why was I writing it? I now realise this was because I was reading so many of these posts online that I sort of felt like doing this. I actually planned on posting some suggestions for a vegan Christmas instead of this post. But then I realised I would never serve a 5-course meal myself, so why would I write a post about it. I actually think you could make a great Christmas dinner from some of the stuff I post here. So again, I would post that because ‘everybody else was doing it’, not because I felt good about it.

When I flip through those magazines I just keep wondering what it’s actually all about, is it spending time together or keeping up appearance… I’m hoping for the first, I fear it’s the last….