With the nights getting longer, the days getting shorter and the temperatures dropping I find it more difficult to get things done. Because I leave in the dark and often don’t get home until it’s dark I sometimes get the feeling like I’m a mole in the dark.

Also, this is just a period where I just lack energy. It’s so tempting to just curl up on the sofa and watch Netflix with a cup of tea.

Yet, my house doesn’t clean itself and at the end I don’t feel happy when I don’t do anything but watch tv.

Eat healthy

Because of the lack of energy it’s easy to grab ‘bad’ foods, especially during this time of year. I mean, this box was screaming at me just 2 meters away from my desk at work.


Good thing I don’t really like them THAT much, so I can limit myself to 3-4 a day.

What is important to me is that I eat my healthy foods. They will always give me more energy and helps me fight off the nasty bugs 😛 So, an healthy soup or a nice stew. Also, a nice breakfast with oatmeal.

In order to make my food even more enjoyable I try new things like Vegan Baklava and I like trying out new things for the holidays as well. Nothing beats a nice cup of tea/coffee and flipping through the pages for a nice cookbook



With the upcoming move I also take this time to declutter a bit more, although right now I feel like I’m only spending money. I bought new towels and new pans. But, that also meant getting rid of some old ones that I didn’t use that much anyway. But the organizing/decluttering doesn’t limit itself to my house. I’m also trying to motivate the Mr. to go through his stuff and get rid of some stuff that he only kept around because it wasn’t in the way but he wasn’t really using it either. For instance, the books he took from his parents house but aren’t his taste to read and loads of glasses and plates that might find a better place in a student home (think the kind that tells you how much rum there should be in the drink). We already donated 2 boxes of stuff. That’s not a lot from my perspective, but I understand this is a big deal for him.


To motivate myself, clear my head and to make sure I get at least 20 minutes of movement a day I try to take a walk during my break every day. Of course, I still do a work out at home. But the walk isn’t just for the much needed excessive, but it also gets rid of the idea that I don’t see any daylight at this time of year. But, most importantly, the walk allows me to clear my head from work and have a nice chat with some of my co-workers (or not, if I decide to take my walk alone).

Also, the Mr. and me always try to squeeze in a little walk during the weekend, if only to get some groceries for that weekend.

Plan fun stuff

Because of work, commute and the traveling between houses and trying to squeeze in housekeeping it’s also important to make sure that I have fun stuff lined up for me as well. A few weeks ago we went to the Efteling and of course there are the holidays coming up.

Planning fun stuff also means curling up on the sofa with a blanket and watch Gilmore Girls, read a book or play a game