Today it’s december 31rd, the last day of what has been a crazy year. So many new things I got to experience, both good and bad. I’ve written about the things I’m grateful for earlier this week. And on this last day I’m looking back at my favourite meals of this year.

A year of trying new things like Kale and Spruits. But also the year where I started to come up with meals that are both suitable for vegans and my non-vegan Mr.

Kale and Spicy Tempeh

Spicy Kale and Tempeh

2016 was also the year where I tried new foods which I never like  as a kid, one of those was kale. As you see from posts later that year, I’m no longer a ‘kale-hater’

Seitan in Teriyaki Sauce

Rice with seitan in Teriyaki sauce with mango/papaya

After a weekend of reenactment and maybe not the best food choices I decided to cook this seitan dish.


Chickpea curry with spinach and mango

Spinach and mango, turnes out that was a winner combination. Plus, curry is always a winner in my opinion.

Jacked Fruit Pulled Pork

vegan pulled pork from Jacked fruit

Although I made a non-vegan version before I never got the chance to make a vegan version. This version involves fruit to add that ‘pulled’ structure that you get when doing the meat version. I thought it would be sweet, but didn’t turn out that way. Another succes in my book 😛

Vegan Baklava

Vegan baklava

Like the Surinam Bami below something that was on my list as well, when I found a recipe in one of the books I got as a gift when I left my old job and I wanted to make an impressive dessert for my Mr. second family I decided to give it a go.

Decadent Chocolate Cake

vegan chocolate cake with chocolate/fig frosting and hazelnuts

Maybe not a decadent (= calorie bomb) as the original, but still one of my most amazing cakes I ever baked.

Surinam Bami

Surinam Bami with habanero

Something that was on my to-cook-list for a very long time, but I always wanted to cook this the real way, so with a lot of pepper. So when I had to chance of making this with an Habanero I knew that this was my chance 😛