Last year I celebrated my first year as a blogger, now I’m celebrating my second year and the start of my third your. In this post I look back at the things I wrote back then and if I did any of the things I wanted to and, of course, what I want to do next year.

Like last year, I will focus on the 3 major subjects on this blog: Food, lifestyle and reenactment.


I was looking back at all the things I’ve posted over the last two years and I can really see how the recipes on my blog evolved during this time. Compared to last year I’ve done some major improvements on how I want to live my vegan lifestyle. I read all the labels and avoid animal product when I can. The people who are close to me know that it’s something I’m serious about and they don’t even think of it as strange anymore. My brother said he actually finds it weird that I say it when we go somewhere out to eat, because he just thinks of me as a vegan. My Mr. doesn’t even know me and anything but a vegan. I don’t compromise anymore and don’t have any problem sending something back in a restaurant when I find something ‘animal’ in it, especially when I stated the fact that I’m vegan during my reservation at a restaurant. Of course, it’s not always easy to be a vegan, because it means I always have to know where I can eat when we go somewhere. Yet, that also adds something extra to a trip, because often we end up at places where you wouldn’t eat when you just go somewhere without checking first. Just look at my trip at Bruges, where we had a lovely meal at a vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

Because the new Mr. isn’t a vegan, or a vegetarian I am making more meat (which you can see on the blog as well). I still believe it’s my choice to be a vegan and I can’t force my choices onto him. That means he’ll be eating both vegan, vegetarian and meat things since I’m the one doing the cooking (he doesn’t mind at all 😛 ). I always try to come up with something that actually goes with the meal, instead of a vegan meal with ‘meat added’. Just like I wound’t like it is someone made a meal and left out the meat because that would make it vegan. So in 2017 you will be seeing more non-vegan/vegetarian meal on the blog, but that doesn’t mean I will leave my vegan ways.


Last year I stared my journey to a more minimalist/vegan life and I think I’ve made some great progress in this department. I have a nice basic wardrobe and although I have bought new clothing I always tried to make sure that it suited my approach to a simple and easy to combine wardrobe. I still try to only buy things that I really need and make me happy. My last buy was a pair of vegan shoes, I only bought them because I needed shoes without heels that where closed. I still don’t get that ‘whoohool’ feeling when I buy something and have that feeling wear of after a few days, but often I look at something I bought and still have that same feeling that I got when I bought it. Reducing my waste has been something that is on my list, and I started this by trying to only buy the food that I’m really going to eat. Even when I don’t really love a meal I cooked, I will still eat it. I am trying to separate as much as my waste when I can. For this I have started a new project called No Waste Project. So expect more on this subject in the next few weeks as well.

For my personal hygiene I’ve been using as much vegan or non-animal tested products when I can. When I can’t replace them with vegan products I try to use products that haven’t been tested on animals. Same goes for my cleaning products, I’m using eco-friendly stuff or natural cleaning products when I can and I’ve even been able to find some vegan products!!


This year I’ve been doing some really awesome stuff. I attended a few events and I’ve attended a fighting demonstration at one of the events. I’ve gotten some really clear thoughts on how I want to look. So next year I’ll be fixing up my clothing. I’m not ready to join one of the bigger groups next year, but I have made some friends in the right places and have attended a training weekend.

2017 will be another year of changes. Moving in together with the Mr. and a new job that really sees something good happening for me. Hopefully I get to finish another year of blogging. But I do realise it’s getting harder and harder to combine blogging with work and private life… But, I’ll keep on trying!!