Just after Christmas me and my best friend went out for a Vegan High Tea at The Tea Lab in Rotterdam. Apart from the fact that this was a great option if you don’t want one of those high tea’s that let you leave with a feeling you’re stuffed with food because it wasn’t to heavy on the sweets it was also my birthday gift to her


This ‘ tradition’ started about 2 years ago I guess and it’s something we do for both our birthdays. Instead of buying each other gifts, we buy each other experiences. Apart from the fact that you don’t accumulate anything you don’t really want because someone buys you something that’s just not exactly what you want or that you don’t use at all (I once got a bottle of booze because I liked that 3 years earlier, I only drink alcohol on a rare occasion). Yet, it turns out there is an added bonus to giving experiences as well.

For me, giving an experience also adds:

  • anticipation: the joy of looking for something to do, usually we go to a city. So over the last year we visited Antwerp, the shopping centre at Wijnegem and last time Rotterdam. Also, the joy of setting a date, deciding where we’re going to eat and just all the fun we’re going to have without the Mr (min)/husband and the kid (hers). Because, this is a girls day out, we want to be able to complain about our men without them actually knowing it.
  • Enjoying new things: I believe that if you’re getting used to a certain way of life, with stuff around you, it gets harder to enjoy these things. When you do something fun with a friend I feel you can’t get used to that. There is always a new destination, a surprising place to eat, new people to look at and some sort of insecurity because you never really knows what it’s going to be like. So, no chance to get used to it.
  • Spending time with friends and family, when I go out with my best friend we spend time with each other, talking about things that are on our mind.
  • Good memories: that’s the most important thing in my opinion. We have a fun day, with a break from daily life.

Because we both do this, we have at least 2 ‘girl’-day’s each year. And, since we are both going, we both get to have these fun memories, while if I was to buy her a gift, she was the only one who gets to enjoy it :P. whyitsbettertogiveexperiences2