I’ve actually written about this subject before in a different piece. When I was still in school I used Social Media a lot more than I do now. Of course, the fact that I work 40 hours a week, have a long commute and of course, I want to spend time with the Mr does have some effect on the amount time I spend on social media. I used to have a personal Instagram account, but I only use the Instagram account that is connected to this blog now.
Same with Facebook, I sometimes put up something personal, but never to intimate, both positive and negative. Most of the time I post a picture of something I’m doing or something interesting I’m reading or watching. But I’m not one of those girls that posts vague posts about things that are going on in my life but when someone asks me about it I’m saying something like ‘I don’t want to talk about it’. For me, social media like Facebook and Twitter are things I use to get things done, or to get information about things that are going on like events.

What I do notice is a change in what people post. A few years ago you would have to avoid Facebook or any other social media if you hadn’t seen a season premier yet or watched that new awesome movie because of spoilers. Now, with certain movies nobody puts something online that might spoil the movie. I really love that.

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