So today is my first day of moving. Because I don’t have a lot of stuff anymore to begin with nor am I bringing a lot of furniture I didn’t want to take too much time of. But that also meant I needed to pack as efficient as possible. So, I turned to Marie Kondo again, reading her new book  “Spark Joy”. In this book I found the next quote.


When people ask me whether it’s best to tidy before or after moving, I always say, “Before!” If you haven’t even found a new house yet, then start tidying right away. Why? Because it’s the house you live in now that will lead you to your next house.

I sometimes think that all houses must be connected by some kind of network. It’s as if, when you tidy your house properly, your house announces to the network that you take good care of your home, and this attracts another one to you. At least, that’s my conception of how it works.

Countless clients have told me that once they tidied up they found the perfect home, and the stories of how they discovered them are quite amazing. So if you want to meet a beautiful home that is just right for you, take good care of the one you live in now.”

Instead of putting everything in boxes and bringing too much stuff with you, she says go through your stuff before moving and only bring the stuff you really want to bring. Which is music to my ears of course.

So, as with the decluttering she wants you to approach this the same way.

  • Think about why you want to do this
  • Discard first
  • Pack by category, not room
  • Follow the right order.

The main strategy of the KonMari method is that you go through your stuff based on categories instead of rooms. So, packing all your clothing together, all your papers and all your memorabilia and stuff like that. For some reason I thought this would work, because you can give everything it’s proper place when you get to your new home. This means following the right order is important as well, because think that my sentimental items are the items that are most precious anyway, so it’s good to pack them with a little more care then my books and clothing need to be packed.


Although this would work perfectly in theorie…

But although I’m a great fan of the KonMarie-method it just doesn’t work in practice. Or at least, not the way I did all my moves in the past (this is my 10th!!). Because I didn’t take too much time of work to do this. I only took two days of, that meant I was supposed to start packing early as well. Since those two days also were used to clean our new home and do another trip to Ikea.. And that means you can’t start packing your clothing first because you might need some of that stuff and I don’t want to finish packing all my little stuff last. So instead of thinking about what I want to wear for the next week and having to rush everything on the last day I decided on a different approach.

Since I sold some of my furniture already I moved my mattress to the living room and started using the bedroom for storage. So, everything that I wasn’t going to use anymore got packed in boxes or if already in boxes, I taped those boxes empty. By keeping everything I’m packing together I’m not creating chaos all over the house and it also saves time when we move, since my help only needs to grab the things that are in the bedroom. The stuff that gets discarded stays in the living room after the move and when I go back to clean the house I can toss everything or have it picked up by charity.

For me, this ensured I didn’t forget anything and also made sure I don’t get overwhelmed by all the boxes and stuff that gets scattered throughout the house (which always seems to happen with my moves).