I’ve been keeping this post for a while now, because I didn’t want to write this post about my ‘old’ house, but I wanted this post to be about our new home. Not that I didn’t like my old house, but it just felt better to write it about our new house. Think the fact that it is ‘our’ house is the main reason for doing this.

The house isn’t finished yet, and I don’t want to give away to much of our house, but here are some nooks and corners from our new house.


A little bit of him, little bit of me. Mr. brought the chair, I made it Pinterest-worthy by adding the sheepskin. It’s one of the skins I use during events. I actually found it a waste to just leave them in my chest when I wasn’t using them. Plus side, after an event we’ll have an ‘authentic’ smell in our house 😛


Our small cactuses, we’ve changed the pots of the other cactuses so they’ll actually match.


My happy place!! At least, one half of the kitchen. The other half holds our refrigerator, fridge and dishwasher (!). I’m happy, because it gives me loads of room to work on and doesn’t force me to keep everything in one spot. Makes less chaos and cleaner cooking!


My side of the bed. With ‘Rawr’, a stuffed animal made by my best friend when she first started her shop. On top there is a picture my mom bought on the trip in Australia.

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