For the people who know me this shouldn’t be a surprise: I find it hard to relax and do nothing, not ‘Netflix and Chill’ for me.I always have to be busy. I get up early in the morning (even during the weekend) since sleeping in seems a waste of time. I seem to run on pure adrenaline during some weeks, like the move to the new apartment. Yet, of course, at some point, I ‘burn’. Like I did about 1,5 weeks after the move. I decided to take a day of… Yet, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to really relax and do nothing if I was to stay home. There are still a lot of things that need to be done at the house, and being at home would just mean I would get started on those.

The Mr. tells me to do something passive to relax, because that’s the way he relaxes. Except, I have a different brain I need to find different ways to relax.

That doesn’t mean I don’t relax at all, I just do it in a different way. Today, I want to write about the ways I relax.

Being around nature

I’m not talking walking through the woods (although that can be very relaxing). I’m talking reenactment, no phone, no internet, no real life stress. Being around people who I love, doing crafts, making food and generally slowing down because everything takes a lot longer due to the lack of modern techniques.

As always I was up early. So Friday morning I started with oatmeal (yes, cold). Around 9:00 more people arrived and a fire was made.

Of course, I still get up early, but it’s different. I wake up because nature wakes up. So I have my breakfast while I see the world around me slowly getting up to speed, or walk to the showers when the ground is still cold. First event is during easter and while I can pretty much guaranty it will be cold, I still applied, since I really felt the need to go back to that ‘place’ in my life. Where life is simple and it really feels like I’m connected with me again.


If you are anything like me and you don’t relax by doing something passive like playing a game or actually watch that new show on Netflix (I usually just put it on and start doing different things). If you are like me you want to get moving!


I have my daily walk during lunch at work to clear my mind and let the wind blow through my hair (and my head). I also do my daily workout using Fitstar. Which gives me different work-outs depending on which I choose. Sometimes I do a quick stretch, sometimes I really challenge myself and do a heavy workout that really makes me sweat. Especially when doing passive things like studying for a certificate.

Take time for me

First weekend after the move I finished everything at the old house with my mom and bought some things for the house. I actually planned to clean a bit and do some things of our list of things to do. Instead, I put on some nice clothing (the kind I wear at work), but on some make-up and go out and spend some money on me. I bought a ‘hand mask’ to soften the skin of my hands and I just walked around a bit. Just doing nothing.

Drive my car

After a day at work, I always need some time alone in my little cocoon. It might be busy on the road, but driving always relaxes me. I actually hate it when the Mr. drives home with my after work. It feels like he’s invading my personal space…

I don’t do anything weird, except sing along with the songs on the radio or laugh at the silly jokes by the DJ.

It doesn’t matter how, as long as you just do it


Of course, my ways of relaxing might not work for you, maybe you can relax by going to a spa, doing yoga, drink coffee in a bar or just read a book. I do feel it’s important to actually relax and be aware that you relax. When I ‘force’ myself to do something that relaxes me, I feel it actually works better.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I’ll have my day of and I’ll be spending that day with one of my best friends. Just spending a day away from home and spend time with someone I love.