I’m vegan, the Mr. isn’t. Since I’m the one doing the cooking around the house, I do a mix of vegan/non-vegan-food for him. Although I find I have no trouble cooking meat for him, I seem to have developed an issue with buying meat.

This is triggered by a conversation we had during our lunch-walk yesterday, when one of my co-workers asked about my reasons to go vegan. This made me realise the buying meat goes against my reason for going vegan/vegetarian in the first place. Yet, the suggestion the Mr. made to buy meat from his own money instead of our shared account felt wrong to me to. That would mean I would force my choices on him and that feels wrong to, because taking that suggestion and translating that to the fact I buy tofu and tempeh that would mean I am supposed to buy that myself as well, but sometimes the Mr. eats tofu/tempeh as well.

I’m confused, because either way I’m ending up with a situation where I don’t feel happy about. I feel like I have to make a choice about what I find more important: my reasons to go vegan, or the fact that I don’t want to force my choice to go vegan on anyone else.  Both are important to me, but I find it hard to decide on what I find more important…