I really can’t remember my most favourite children’s book from when I was young, but after visiting the ‘Harry Potter’-expo a while ago I remember that this in one of my favourite children’s ‘ book from when I was older.

While I was wondering through the Expo and listening to the extra information and talking to my sister-in-law I remember why I loved this book. Although situated in a fantasy world, the characters of Harry Potter are all characters you could meet in real life. Prof. McGonagall is that strong-minded woman who can be an example for every girl, and of course, my personal favourite, the strong-minded Nymphadora Tonks, who doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do.

Of course, after about the 4th book I doubt they are actually suited for children anymore. Who doesn’t remember the part where Harry has to write that he shouldn’t tell lies?

Of course, there are other books which I loved over the years, and of course I might love other books in the future. But these was one I remember most.

So, what house would the sorting hat put you in?

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