So, a few weeks ago I made a post about the new home and below post made me realise the move went really really fast and we’re already living here for almost 3 weeks. Maybe time for a little recap.


We signed the lease of this apartment on the 30th of January, our 6 month anniversary and the Mr’s 36th birthday. Since we didn’t want to extent both the leases on our old contracts to long and the apartment didn’t need to much work, just a new floor and a paint job we actually planned to move pretty fast. Since I have a lot of experience moving by now (this was my 10th), I moved my mattress to the living room and move all the stuff I packed to the bedroom. This way I had one room to live in without being in total chaos. As a result, I was able to get most of my stuff packed in just a few days and even find the time to put in the floor in the bedroom, squeeze in a few trips to the DIY-store and IKEA and 3 weeks ago it was that time.

My mom, stepfather, 2 of my friends arrived at my house around 8:30 on moving day. Since everything was in one place we ended up packing all of my stuff in 1,5 hours, emptying out the truck just before 11:00. After that, the Mr. and stepfather took the truck to the Mr’s apartment to pack his stuff together (he had his friends meeting him at his place). With a short break for lunch we ended up unpacking my stuff, putting together some furniture and putting away most my stuff just before 14:00.

Of course, my move was easy because I already decluttered a lot of the last few years (apart from all the moving). The Mr. had 10 years to accumulate stuff so I was very happy i was able to unpack most of my stuff by the time the Mr. arrived. So he moved most of his stuff to the second bedroom and the downstairs storage. With a few weekends of working to getting everything together we’re close to completion.

Ever since moving into the new place I haven’t missed my old place yet. It’s so nice coming home to our new home, cooking us dinner and enjoying a moving on our new sofa. It’s not easy, both of us are used to living on our own and doing our own things. But we’re finding our way step by step and hopefully we’ll be building our home.