Today was spent at one of the places we support. They had a number of problems which were related to the lack of knowledge of our main contact. Not his fault, his predecessor left all of a sudden so he was forced in this position.

After a few hours of work he left for home while I finished up some admin and trying to solve some other stuff. I got talking to one of the woman who worked there. She got diagnosed with ADD when she was 20+ as well.

And for some reason we clicked. We had a lot of things in common, in how hard we find it to manage our social life and how we both seem to fall a sleep when we wanted to study for our exams in school. It was nice talking to someone who stumbles across the same problems. We both feel insecure about how we handle things and tend to be socially awkward. It was so nice running into someone to who you don’t have to explain how your mind works.