When I think about the best gift I ever got I think about what I did for myself once. When I was 24 I decided to move to Utrecht to get my teachers degree. Although I’m not using the actual degree anymore I’m looking back at that period as a gift, yet if you asked me during that time I might not have agreed.

Things I’ve learned during that time:

  • Learning to take care of myself and not to rely on my mom for support
  • Getting by without a lot of money
  • Learning to cook a week of healthy food on 10 euro’s (stock on canned food and stuff like pasta and rice)
  • That I have ADHD
  • That having ADHD doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in life
  • That I study best by listening to the stuff I need to learn
  • How to live with people you don’t have an emotional relationship with (aka roommates)
  • That roommates suck
  • That roommates can be awesome!!
  • That wardrobes can fly

So, the best gift I ever got wasn’t an actual gift, it was an experience…

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