Happy easter everyone!! I’ll have a ‘Easter’ recipe up (although you can cook it any time you want), but first, another post in the #30dayblogchallenge

In totally random order, the 5 things I can’t live without….

1. My friends and family and of course, my Mr. 

Who would I be without my friends and family. I don’t think I would be as happy… I’ve got a friend to go shopping with (except we rarely buy anything special) and enjoy a nice (vegan) high tea. I’ve got my reenactment-friends for all the events and to share bruises with at the end. Of course, there are the movie-dates with my brother and the bi-weekly Wednesdays with my mom in the pool. Of course, there are the new friends and family that I got when I met the Mr.

Of course, where would I be now without the Mr. Yes, things went fast with the two of us, moving in together after just 6 months. But we’re both in our 30’s, if it feels good, why not go for it.

2. My car

Because of my car I get to do all the things I love!! Of course, I could go by train, but the car gives me the freedom to go anywhere I want to at any time I want to.

3. My Apple-gear

No, I’m not an Apple-Freak. But with my MacBook, iPhone and my AppleTV you can’t deny I sort of have a fondness for the brand. Of course, it helps it works perfectly together. I mean, I can transfer the pictures for the blog straight to my MacBook via Bluetooth and I just upload every movie that’s not on Netflix to iTunes and stream it to my AppleTV.

4. Netflix and Spotify

While I’m writing this I’m watching ‘Made of Honor‘ using Netflix. For me it works perfect, it means I can watch loads of movies and tv shows without actually having to own the disks or having to rent them. Also, Netflix is great for documentary’s and of course, the Marvel tv-shows they air!
Same with Spotify, I can listen to all my favourite music without having to own the cd’s, it also means I can listen to mixes other people make or discover new music. Of course, I also rent movies via iTunes when I want to see something that isn’t on Netflix yet.

5. My kitchen

I don’t know what I would do without my kitchen. It’s my favourite spot in the house. Because I have 2 sides with all the stuff I need it’s even easier to cook food. Of course, my tiny kitchen in the old apartment worked fine, but having this amount of space is so much better. The only downside: the microwave-oven. I want to replace it with a different kind, but that would mean some saving. Maybe next year!!

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