But after visiting Archeon this weekend I’m feeling up to picking up re-enactment again. It’s been a bit quiet, but I’m excited to start again. Last weekend I finished my ‘summer dress’, a sleeveless tunic which I started last year.

I did feel like the clothing I made before doesn’t suit me anymore.

I made this when I wasn’t sure about the period/region I wanted to focus on, so it’s a bit more generic. Also, this is made from cheaper linen, which you can tell if you’re looking closer. If you compare this to the fabric I used to make my summer tunic….

So I’ve decided to invest in better quality fabric for my dresses, I also plan on different kind of style. Since I’m interested in the Vikings that lived in Russia I’m researching Kiev Rus Viking-clothing now. Which means there is a different neckline and of course different looks. Basically you start out with a normal dress, add another (shorter) dress if needed and a Panova, sort of wrap skirt.

Of course, I’ll still be wearing my ‘fancy’ dress on special occasions or just when I want to. But I might change that shape as well into something like this:

OF course, that also means rethinking colours and fabrics, mostly adding a wool version of a dress to this pile of new clothing. So I have to start making new patterns again and looking for ways to get everything done the way I want to. I did decide I will be doing as much by hand as I possible can. Only doing the main sewing of panels using the machine. But the hems will be done by hand.