Earlier this week  I told you about the Fidget Cube I ordered. Today I got the package and I’m so excited about this new gadget. Since I already found in the kitchen I can tell I’ve been dragging it around lot.

So, what’s the Fidget Cube. It’s a little cube designed to help people who fidget a lot (you, that annoying colleague that keeps clicking his/her pen) to help them stay focused. It’s a Kickstarter project that I used to follow, but I kinda lost track at some point. It has six sides with different things you can use.

I actually bought it because I started to get annoyed with myself when the Mr. and I are watching a movie. After about half an hour I lose focus and I grab my phone. Result, I don’t know what the movie is about and the Mr. gets annoyed because I’m on the phone during our time together. So, that why I bought this little cube.

There are a few benefits of fidgeting:

The Science of Why We Fidget

The Benefits if Fidgeting for Students with ADHD

I’ve been using it for two evenings now and I’m a fan. I actually found my cube in the kitchen and on the dining room table already. I actually notice myself walking around with it as well. Except for the little clicking button that looks like a switch the cube is quiet enough to use when watching a movie. If I continue to use this a lot I might get one to use at work as well, since I’ve been in a lot of meetings lately, this is something I can use to focus during these meetings.

I think this would also work great for kids who have a lot of trouble focusing.