So, second try. Because of lighting we’ve been without internet. And while I used my hotspot to type the post apparently it didn’t sync on my phone

Just two more!! And actually one of them was very difficult for me, which is this one. Of course, it’s easy to come up with good and bad habits. But every good habit has a bad side, but every bad habit can have a good side as well. So I’m not going to write down 3 good and bad habits. But just 3 habits and how I feel about them.

I always try to be my best

So, that means I’m not one that gives up easily. When everyone always said I shouldn’t expect to achieve much in live and that I was to be one of those girls that sit behind the counter in a supermarket (not that there is anything wrong with that, but it was mostly the way they said it). Yet, I managed to get a Bachlor degree in education and now I’m doing a job I wasn’t trained to do and even taking step to a more ‘management’-type of position.

Yet, sometimes it also makes me a perfectionist, because I always want to show I’m able to do the things I think others expect of me. So saying ‘no’ to yet another task can be challenging for me, so that is something I need to work on.

I’m an emotional person

I can often feel other people’s emotions and showing my own is something that comes naturally to me. So when I’m happy you can always tell.

Yet, when I’m overwhelmed or frustrated that will show in an emotional reaction, so sometimes I cry in a public place. In my last job that was something they would frown up on and tell me this was something I had to change. Of course it’s not always professional, but holding that emotional reaction back will only make it worse in the long run. But it is something I want to work on.

I have ADHD

Although I’m not my ADHD it is a big part of me and it does affect my habits and the way I act. Because of my ADHD I look at issue’s differently from other people, so because of that I can come up with different solutions for common problems.

Of course, I also have bad habits because o fry ADHD. To keep my mind at ease I developed some OCD-like habits, when I can’t do things that way I can get cranky or my whole day will turn into chaos.

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