Last one. After a little over 30 weeks this project has come to an end. There were some subjects that where easy to write about and some where a little bit harder.

This is the last one, about embarrassing moments. I’m sure you all had quite a few, I know I have. I’ll share one with you that has been happening to me a few times ever since I started working as a Support Engineer. Of course, not always in this shape, but it’s mostly variations to this one.

Me: “Good morning (insert company name), how may I help you…”

Guy (it’s always a guy): “Ehm, am I speaking to the helpdesk?”

Me: “Yes, how may I help you?”

Guy: “Can I speak to (insert name colleague), he can normally help me with (insert generic frequent problem here).

Me: “Ow,  he’s busy, but if you could set up a connection with me, this is certainly something I could help you with.”

Guy: “Ow, I thought you where a telephone operator, I never spoke to a girl here before.”

Me: “Yeah, we’re still a rare occurrence”

So yeah, this happens to mea a lot. Of course, I can understand from the clients perspective. But I’ve also seen this with male colleagues who were introduced to me.

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