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About me :D

Hi! My name is Layla and I’m a foodie!

*hello Layla*

What’s my story? I started ‘cooking’ when I was around 14. I started of small back then, by preparing the dinners my mom left for us to cook so we could have dinner when she would return from work. When I moved out I used a lot of mixes and easy meals, the plastic containers filled with rice/pasta, meat, vegetables and a sauce of some kind. Dump it all in a pan, bake it for 10 minutes and… presto… dinner!

During my study to become a teacher I was diagnosed with ADHD and this started my new perspective on food. In the first months I had absolutely no desire for food and I could actually feel sick when I did eat. I lost over 15 kilo’s in 6 months and I felt weak and unhealthy. I started researching ADHD and treatments and I read a lot about food and diets that would ‘cure’ ADHD. Although I do not believe food/diet can cure ADHD, I do believe that I could manage my ADHD better by eating clean and pure food.
In the same period I started lifting weights to shape my body and have an outlet for my stress. I realised I would get better result if my food matched my lifestyle, after all: abs are made in the kitchen.  Combine these two and you can see how this changed the way I looked at the food I cooked and ate. During that time I still ate meat, although this was limited to lean meats like chicken and turkey. I also started using supplements like whey and creatine. My body transformed from a flat body to a curvy and strong body. I loved my muscular legs, arms and shoulders and this improved the way I felt about myself, I felt confident and pretty and even started to show off my body by wearing dresses and skirts.
I do NOT believe in superfood, gluten free diets, carb/fat/protein-free diets of any kind. Unless you have some kind of allergy, I’m convinced you need carbs, fats and proteins. I do believe that you need to get your nutrients from the best foods you can get, so whole foods and as little as preservatives/additives as possible.


About 1,5 year ago I decided to take the next step and become vegan. At the moment this feels like it’s the best choice for me. I realised dairy is a major problem for me. Cutting out eggs was only difficult in baking. But when I found there are really good ways to replace them I went full vegan on my food. I try to be as vegan as possible in other things as well. But sometimes I really can’t avoid animal products, the main reason being re-enactment. In order to be as authentic as possible I can’t avoid leather and furr, but I try to limit the use of it as much as possible.

Apart from eating clean, I’m starting to live as clean as possible as well, without being to strict about it, so keeping it relaxed. Some examples:

  • Only keep things around that make me happy;
  • Bring my own bag when shopping so I don’t have to use plastic bags;
  • When I need some stuff for my house, first look for a good used item that I can’t paint instead of buying something new;
  • Beauty products should be as natural as possible, but keeping price in mind.
  • Keeping the heat down in my apartment, but I’m not gonna freeze

So enjoy life, but stay away from additives that I don’t need or want…


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